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last updated at 2009-03-19 17:44
bijan: by Bijan "the opposer" Parsia
danbri: data analysis abstractions over Hadoop
melvster: FOAF+SSL delegated login + FOAF people browser , in just 1 line of code
danbri: Can you spell out how it works, for people not following the FOAF-SSL stuff?
melvster: in this case, it's a proof-of-concept
melvster: what happens is that the user is redirected to a FOAF+SSL server, the server checks your client certificate, and then redirects the browser back to the consumer
melvster: in this case for the proof of concept, we are only viewing the foaf cloud, so plaintext is considered acceptable, however it is possible to add (for example) encode / decode functions for greater security
bblfish: is a proof of concept for something that could look like foaf+ssl+openid as explained here
melvster: in simple terms, it's a proof-of-concept, that allows an independent website to get at and use your FOAF+SSL WebID, using a single line of code and no external dependencies, given that it's only 1 line we are just using plaintext, which is ok in this case, but it's extensible to be able to add stronger security methods, which is something we'll be discussing on foaf-protocols
Shepard: See also the talk by George Thomas mentioned there.
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