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last updated at 2009-03-13 22:42
pjenvey: Raw data now!
mhausenblas: create your own RDForm on the fly
mhausenblas: currently only <input type="text" ... implemented ...
mhausenblas: other HTML field as of to follow soon
mhausenblas: for an example output see
mhausenblas: let /me know in case you want to contribute
mhausenblas: side note on the Google code content (incl. Jira demo) I'll provide the sources later today
mhausenblas: gotta clean up a bit, do some quiche eating commenting and provide READMEs
mhausenblas: any feedback more than welcome, as usual to michael.hausenblas AT
kjetilkWork: And David Norheim's birthday tomorrow
kjetilkWork: Baked by Computas Engineer Terese Liadal
mhausenblas: includes the video of TimBL's TED talk (finally we've found it ;)
mhausenblas: congrats from my side as well! now: the next 20 years - let's start with linked data :D
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