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last updated at 2009-03-11 19:12
KjetilK: Given curl's popularity among semwebbers, this one is worth a heads-up
justben: Official advisory including upgrade/patch instructions at
tobyink: The usual ones seem to have died in the wee small hours of the morning.
tobyink: Luckily I've been testing my own logger, so happen to have logs for today.
tobyink: Allows CSS selectors to select elements based on RDFa attribute values' full URIs (not CURIEs).
tobyink: e.g. *[uri-property~=""] { color: #090; background: #cfc; }
tobyink: Essentially the inverse of RDF-EASE.
timbl: The act of reading, like the act of writing, is a pure, fundamendal, human act. It must be available without interference or spying.
bijan: My attempt to demonstrate the value add of the XML toolchain.
bijan: Esp. my XML weapon of choice, oXygen.
bijan: Check out my mad screenflow skillz!
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