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last updated at 2009-03-10 14:29
dajobe: see simon willison's notes
dajobe: there's an API as well as store
dajobe: What is the Open platform?
mhausenblas: yet another wish-list? depends on YOU! ;)
tobyink: Adds RDFa to HTML output.
tobyink: Replaces hodgepodge of made-up FOAF classes and properties with proper SIOC.
tobyink: Adds a new command "logger, show NICK" which instructs logger to ask phenny to pass on the URI to the current conversation.
tobyink: The "logger" nick in #swig hasn't had my patch applied.
tobyink: Example log which I'll keep running for a few hours.
tobyink: @@TODO: make nicks of logger and phenny configurable command-line parameters.
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