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last updated at 2009-03-09 22:33
Shepard: Some really good ideas in there
mhausenblas: Linked Data on the Web Workshop (LDOW09) research paper
tobyink: Against 1.14.0
tobyink: Tells the MW Sanitizer to allow RDFa's attributes; removes <a name> from automatically-created anchors (uses <hX id> instead).
tobyink: Does require the skin to output the correct doctype, etc.
tobyink: Useful with Link Attributes extension and HTML Profiles extension
tobyink: Consider for wiki??
BenO: CERIF-SW - project from 2001, looks unmaintained
DanC: trying to update this for IETF 74... ugh... old ical namespace
DanC: I'm happy to give up T-Mobile's horrible kludge on top of danger's calendar/contacts site for google calendar and gmail and such, but they seem to turn firefox into a pig
DanC: I'm happy to see prism-google-calendar packaged in ubuntu...
DanC: hmm... SuperGenPass bookmarklet not included...
DanC: but otherwise... seems to work.
timbl: = Nova Spivak
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