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last updated at 2009-03-05 21:38
mhausenblas: Conference takes place in Seoul, Korea in October 2009
timbl: Wondering how to add new URI schemes in OS X .. doesn't look simple
timbl: Like to make mid: do the right thing
timbl: and tel:
mhausenblas: the DERI tutorial I gave today, CaptSolo was talking about, earlier
mhausenblas: just announced via
mhausenblas: utterly cool. well done, OpenLink!!!
danbri_: Or Tim Tow Tdi
danbri_: There's more than one way to pronounce it.
danbri_: And more than one way to do it.
danbri_: Semantic Web, RDF, OWL etc share this characteristic too.
tobyink: Server Name Indication (SNI) solves the chicken-and-egg problem of identifying a name-based virtual host over HTTPS.
tobyink: This page allows you to check whether your browser supports SNI. (Most recent ones do.)
tobyink: SNI could be very useful for FOAF+SSL deployment.
mhausenblas: pre-print version of IEEE IC spotlight article
mhausenblas: /me doesn't want to wait for them to publish it - editor said something like 'queue is currently long, might take up to a year'. this is unacceptable for a spotlight article, IMHO
bblfish: looking for modal logicians to verify the reasoning here
bblfish: modal logicians: I mean who know how to reason about belief contexts
danbri: Modal logicians who know about DNS-based attacks? :)
bblfish: no DNS based attacks are covered by the use of https, and are out of scope
danbri: In older drafts, I remember something about the original public FOAF file being on http: URIs...
bblfish: yes, the logic assumes a secure connection. It could be using https or it could be because you control the wires, or because there are no thieves left in the world
danbri: Or because we finally get around to writing up how to use xmlsig with rdf/xhtml and rdfa? :)
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