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last updated at 2009-03-01 22:09
karlcow: not sure about the choice of color for the code ;) but the api is encouraging
danbri: I've tracked down an annoying little TB bug around putting people in groups/lists. This opens up TB's addressbook grouping mechanism as a quickish way of tagging people (eg. StandardsPeople, BristolPeople, BeerLovers) so ad-hoc groups can be composed using set machinery. Eventually this stuff will be reflected into SQLite3 within Thunderbird, currently it is somewhat hidden in Mork.
danbri: The perl here just iterates through the mork record structure. Needs more work. One idea would be to convert the Mork into SQL insert statements, so the addressbook info could be reflected into read-only SQLite tables that can be joined against the rest of TB.
mhausenblas: A note to gather ideas and evaluate the need for a method (vocabulary+API) to push back data from RDF data sources to legacy data sources such as Wikis, microblogging systems, etc.
mhausenblas: comments welcome as usual, either here at #swig or via
mhausenblas: rdfs:seeAlso <>
mhausenblas: an unpublished W3C note from 1996 (editor: DanC)
mhausenblas: via Roy Fielding on TAG list (
mhausenblas: /me wondering if this work has been continued somewhere
mhausenblas: SchemaCache is a one-stop vocabulary repository build upon the Talis Platform
mhausenblas: for further questions about SchemaCache, please bug kwijibo
karlcow: "There are no good drawings of the architecture of the Semantic Web. If traditional architectural drawings could be used instead…"
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