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last updated at 2009-02-27 12:22
karlcow: "It refers to an URL that doesn’t actually point to anything — click it and you’ll see that for yourself. So it’s really an URN (Uniform Resource Name) rather than an URL (Uniform Resource Locator). "
mhausenblas: similarTo new RDF-S property, use where owl:sameAs is too strong but rdfs:seeAlso is too loose for two owl:Things which are similar to a certain extent
mhausenblas: problem solved. next :D
Shepard: There is of course also umbel:isLike
karlcow: <gsnedders> The more I play around with RDF the less purely theoretical (and useless) I think it is.
karlcow: "There's just absolutely terrible documentation of it"
karlcow: I agree there is a big lack of easy to use documentation for people outside of the RDF community.
karlcow: Maybe a Visual QuickStart Guide for RDF, SPARQL or a RDF for dummies
KjetilK: LeeF's SPARQL webcasts are pretty nice to get started
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