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last updated at 2009-02-11 22:15
Anchakor: This is a strawman draft for an extension to RDFS that allows to express mapping between RDF properties and RDF classes that reify the property.
Anchakor: Comments more than welcome
Wikier: VoCamps are informal events for people interested in solving the practical problems of the Semantic Web in a social setting, with a particular focus on topics related to vocabularies and semantic interoperability in general.
Wikier: Following on the success of the previous two events, the next VoCamp will take place the week before the WWW conference in Madrid. It will be co-located with the 4th Future of Web Search Workshop which will have semantic search as a special topic.
Wikier: Everybody is invited!
dajobe: RDF description of their books
mhausenblas: mentions, beside other interesting stuff also Tabulator
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