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last updated at 2009-02-05 20:15
tobyink: This idea was discussed in #swig yesterday. Here it is in detail.
tobyink: Easy-to-use module for implementing FOAF+SSL authentication into your CGI scripts.
tobyink: The synopsis of the man page should show that it is indeed very easy to use.
kidehen: Mandatory reading for anyone seeking to truly comprehend and ultimately exploit Linked Data
kidehen: For Social Media types: understand Power Curve and Vitality.
kidehen: Know why being a Hub is a temporary thing (Digital Ego in a sense). Ego is always a bad thing.
kidehen: Lesson: Eat like a Bird and Spray like an Elephant (vitality is about following more than being followed pre. retirement) :-)
MacTed: It's not enough to talk about SemWeb technologies. We have to deploy them, or we risk providing ammunition against them even as we're trying to promote....
mhausenblas: enables you to see the location of your friends, collegues, etc and interact with them
mhausenblas: what's next up? Google iMplantMyRFID? :/
mhausenblas: Tom Heath - a man with a vision
tobyink: Thread from
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