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last updated at 2009-02-03 18:12
mhausenblas: Just as a url is an address for a website, an i-name is an Internet address for YOU!
mhausenblas: It is a simple, secure way to authenticate your identity and to share personal data, with the assurance that it will remain private and up-to-date.
mhausenblas: Further, your identity cannot be "harvested" by spammers or other marketers without your express permission.
Wikier: bad practice, btw
Wikier: via
tobyink: Could be better. The RDF/XML doesn't parse (weirdness with the foaf:OnlineAccounts); foaf:firstname should be foaf:firstName; foaf:address does not exist according to FOAF spec; foaf:img is given as a literal. There is XFN too, but it's weird (claims that Hilary is co-resident with a bunch of other senators), and difficult to parse as a bunch of </a> tags are missing.
danja_: "pack" in the sense of pack of people
danja_: can quickly subscribe to 50+ semweb-interested twitterers
danja_: can also be seen online at @sempack
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