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last updated at 2008-12-16 16:58
leobard: Technology Review has a story looking at Nepomuk the semantic tool that is bundled with the latest version of KDE. It seems that some Semantic Web researchers believe the tool will prove a breakthrough for semantic technology. By encouraging people to add semantic meta-data to the information stored on their machines they hope it could succeed where other semantic tools have failed."
danja: (presentation @ SWAP2008)
danja: the paper is probably here ODP
danja: the paper is probably here ODP
tobyink: GRDDL uses XSLT linked to from namespace documents (or from XML files directly) to transform XML into RDF/XML. jsonGRDDL uses JSONT linked to from JSON Schemas (or from JSON files directly) to transform JSON into RDF/JSON.
tobyink: Brings JSON to the SemWeb party.
tobyink: Experimental implementation at
tobyink: (Spec and implementation mostly developed during the course of a train journey.)
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