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last updated at 2008-12-15 21:49
bblfish: from the blurb Bigdata(R) is an open-source scale-out storage and computing fabric supporting optional transactions, very high concurrency, and very high aggregate IO rates. Bigdata was designed from the ground up as a distributed database architecture optimized for very high aggregate IO rates running over clusters of 100s to 1000s of machines, but can also run in a single-server mode. Bigdata offers a distributed file system, simil
bblfish: Any ideas?
bblfish: It goes on: "Bigdata(R) comes packaged with a very high-performance RDF store supporting RDF(S) and OWL Lite inference. The Bigdata RDF Store is currently the only RDF database capable of operating distributed on a cluster"
bblfish: they had a talk at O'Reilly conference
timbl: "SYSTAP, LLC is based in Washington, DC with offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Greensboro, NC.... Bryan Thompson, Michael Personick"
bblfish_: perhaps the same Bryan Thompson and Michael Personick who gave this paper at xtech with Bijan
bblfish_: It uses the Sesame sail -- I guess I should have known about this then by following more closely the Sesame lists
Shepard: Updated draft from 1 December 2008
Shepard: "[...] there appears to be broad consensus that HTTP Link will return and that the relationship type registry proposed by Mark Nottingham will come into effect."
danja: querying ontologies - pointer from afternoon tutorial @ SWAP2008
danja: see also [ OBDA plugin for Protege]
danja: "...the objective is to provide access to heterogeneous data sources trough a mediating ontology"
danja: pretty convincing story on DB federation
danja: annual Italian semweb meet
danja: today is tutorial day, conf proper begins tomorrow
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