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last updated at 2008-07-10 22:01
mhausenblas: Takes an RSS 1.0 feed as input and generates an XHTML+RDFa representation.
bblfish: Cyc Time ontology, great resource, pitty it is not linked data
bblfish: wrong it seems to be, see
bblfish: and
bblfish: would be nice if the html pointed to the concepts and the ontology to the html perhaps.
danbri: Cyc folks are talking about putting more stuff into the Web, in linked-data fashion, stable urls etc. (at ESWC'08)
danbri: Incorporating various Bristol Barcamp followup ideas, apparently.
danbri: 13th/14th September 2008 at Invention Studios, Bath
danieljohnlewis: Bristol Knowledge Unconference
danbri: Sounds fun, though I really don't enjoy hearing the word 'knowledge' too often
danbri: Rough idea of dates? Sept/Oct? When's the joint bristol-bath barcamp now?
bblfish: menow has a broken namespace
bblfish: me now defines what is very similar to cyc notion of time slice, but specialised for a very short period of time, see:
bblfish: the menow ontology shows how this permits some very useful concepts to be defined, such as what one is doing
bblfish: but it overlaps somewhat with the event ontology
bblfish: So should one define a time slice ontology or are event ontologies better, or do they play different roles?
bblfish: all of the above in the context of some of the relations in the relationship ontology
bblfish: use case (though perhaps not hte best): I am looking to describe who someone's manager is
bblfish: attempting to publish content of ldap in foaf...
danbri: Anyone here involved?
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