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last updated at 2008-04-22 22:53
iand: Original ones in one place again
iand: And clearly marked as public domain (I said it on a mailing list once)
lordi: 'ignorepls kthx'
danieljohnlewis: "Open Data Definition" is trying to be SIOC
danieljohnlewis: Does anyone have an opinion on this? I've blogged my initial response:
danieljohnlewis: more detail about odd:
cerealtom: paper about interlinking music datasets on the web
Cloud_: Online Semantic Community Framework
Cloud_: A framework for managing online communities based on semantic technologies; a final-year project by Dave Langley, TCD
cerealtom: zLinks
CaptSolo: are you offering just another way to host RDF?
cerealtom: Fenfire Linked Data browser
cerealtom: Humboldt Project web site
cerealtom: Humboldt Exploring Linked Data, paper from LDOW2008
cerealtom: dbpedia mobile, more info and demos
cerealtom: DBpedia Mobile paper
cerealtom: Open Anzo, successor to/fork of Boca
cerealtom: better link to Falcon-S search engine
cerealtom: paper about Falcon-S semantic web search engine
cerealtom: timbl's slides from current talk
cerealtom: Open Data Commons
cerealtom: FlyWeb project
cerealtom: Riese data set
CaptSolo: WWW 2008 Workshop
CaptSolo: links to PDFs of all papers available on the website
CaptSolo: transcript / irc discussion logs at
CaptSolo: related live twitter messages: and
tommorris: A while back I e-mailed Leah Culver about the FOAF that Pownce exports, asking her to update it so that it uses urirefs for the rdfs:seeAlso
tommorris: She's applied the patch to the downloadable version on her blog, and said in the e-mail that the new version will be on the site in a few days.
tommorris: A bit more linked data to add to the cloud! ;)
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