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last updated at 2008-02-19 21:44
DanC_: April 7-12, 2008, Cancun, México
DanC_: doubt I can go, but I'd like to submit something like FOAF and OpenID: two great tastes that taste great together
danbri: If anyone does go, Chac Mool Hostel is quite nice if you like backpacky places. And the let me leave a wireless hub in the cybercafe downstairs so I could telework.
danbri: 18 months to go...
iand: 4 week commenting period
DanC_: pointers to test materials? I'd like to try them with GRDDL tools
iand: Test Harness
dajobe: gosh, long post. need to get coffee
dajobe: this use case sounds familiar, I wonder where I heard it
dajobe: exhibit driving the UI? Is that going to be fast enough?
dajobe: the rdfbus pointer doesn't seem right but xmpp/stomp sounds interesting fo pubsub rdf
dajobe: generic storage is fine but you have to consider the read and write traffic patterns and there might be aneed for special indexing to handle some read/query patterns efficiently
dajobe: interesting stuff
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