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last updated at 2008-01-31 22:06
ldodds: part of the initiative to foster exchange of statistical metadata
ldodds: includes some common vocabulary for statistical terms
ldodds: wouldn't be a great effort to RDFize this
danieljohnlewis: Blog post detailing a CSS file for use with Amaya to achieve easy hcard authoring
sbp: +1. And it takes i18n seriously; whoo!
danja: omg! ldodds killed Bee Node!
danja: (lots of SPARQL - whee!)
ldodds: counting the puns is an exercise for the reader
m94mni: Extensions to the predefined set of metadata names may be registered in the WHATWG Wiki MetaExtensions page.
DanC_lap: see also ISSUE-27 rel-ownership
m94mni: contains language supporting RDFa
sbp: Yet I see "Element-specific attributes: None." in HTML 5, 3.7.1. The head element.
sbp: So at the moment, it seems HTML 5 reflects the answer "let's not". Digging for rationale...
sbp: There wasn't a single reply to this message on public-html.
DanC_lap: on the GRDDL
sbp: Or, perhaps a little fairer, Description Logics are the SGML of the Semantic Web.
sbp: I'm thinking about not bothering to use OWL in any schemata I produce in future; I outline a couple of the reasons in this essay, but really every time I use OWL I end up scratching my head.
sbp: I'm not saying that OWL universally sucks, or any such sweeping assertion; but I have a vote to cast, and this is my vote.
sbp: I've been doing a lot of work on social networking, Semantic Web UI, exporting datasets into RDF, talking about ontologies, understanding the specification, writing up design patterns, understanding how it all works, helping people out. That's great, even as an end in itself, but...
sbp: ...what do I want to use the Semantic Web for? This is a little essay about the kinds of directions I'm thinking towards to answer just that.
sbp: The answer, in case you can't be bothered to read the whole rambling thing, is basically to manage my research and things like that. I'm not really very interested in the "society" stuff that the Semantic Web concentrates on now; I'm much more interested in intellectual stuff, which is why I'm more interested in how the Semantic Web works, than why it works.
sbp: (And I suspect a huge percentage of the people working on it are in similar situations, really.)
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