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last updated at 2008-01-26 22:05
danbri: An RDF harvester for talking to servers that speak "Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting"
danbri: Berners-Lee, T., Hollenbach, J., Lu, K., Presbrey, J., Pru d'ommeaux, E. and schraefel, m. c. (2007) Tabulator Redux: Writing Into the Semantic Web. (Unpublished)
danbri: Seems to have GRDDL/FOAF hooks in the markup
danbri: So um ... whats a quick way of seeing the resulting RDF?
danbri: Ah, here. Via online grddl service...
danbri: Worth a listen. Podcast...
tommorris: I agree, I listened the other day and OpenID really is more fantastic every time I think about it. Come on, I hate password management, let's solve this problem once and for all!
danbri: "....also to make it possible to have more grouping kinds of features. He told me many members were getting thousands of friends and that those users are also asking for many more features to put their friends into different groups. He expects to see improvements in that area this year."
danbri: I'm looking at FOAF "Group" concept again, from similar motivations: user-specified group definitions.
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