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last updated at 2008-01-08 23:14
danbri: "If these industry titans can put aside their rivalry and work together - magic could happen."
danbri: Wonder if the 'WG' has a Royalty Free patent policy...
tommorris: It seems that the DataPortability people couldn't really give a stuff about Facebook, Google or Plaxo and are more interested in building an open alternative to the existing players.
tommorris: In other words, the Semantic Web != a Facebook application - but a Facebook application could certainly talk to the Semantic Web.
danbri: Complete with graphics! Actually is best tutorial i've seen...
tommorris: That looks mighty cool.
danbri: I dunno how to get a pubkey out of GPG and into "Public Key of receiver(MPI in base64)"
danbri: The facebook foaf exporter uses php and .js btw...
danbri: "One drawback of existing social network schemes is that they require participants to either divulge their list of contacts to a central server (Orkut, Friendster) or publish it to the public Internet (FOAF), in both cases sacrificing a great deal of privacy. By exchanging Bloom filters instead of explicit lists of contacts, users can participate in social networking experiments without having to admit to the world who their friends are."
danbri: I'm trying to dump property/value pairs from people listed as "foaf:know"s...
danbri: "Suppose that I am very concerned about people trying to reverse-engineer my social network by running a dictionary attack against my Bloom filter. I can build my filter with a prohibitively high false-positive rate (50%, for example) and then arrange to send multiple copies of my Bloom filter to friends, varying the hash functions I use to build each filter."
bblfish: for a java applet bloom filter
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