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last updated at 2008-01-04 16:36
danbri: "Consider integrating the information about people from your contact manager and from your email address book. Most likely, there will be duplication of information. The same people will appear in both sources, with overlapping pieces of information about them. It would be good to properly integrate the information so that we don't have two distinct entries for the same person. Simple name matching will clearly not be adequate. "
sbp: Resource-Type is an HTTP header suggested way back in 2003 by Sandro Hawke. It's basically the HTTP header equivalent of rdf:type, and it lets you say in 200 responses that the URI you just did a request on identifies a non-IR.
sbp: Moreover, it lets you do that without having to maintain a separate URI for the IR. But then how can you talk about the IR? Well, you do something like [ :from ""; dc:title "Information About Some Person" ] .
sbp: I'm tremendously happy about this.
sbp: Oh, chortle. It was me who came up with Resource-Type. Though it's quite possible that I nicked it subconsciously from someone like Sandro probably subconsciously nicked it from me.
tommorris: Of course it's time to move to URI identification. Welcome to the party.
tommorris: The waffle about half way through about FOAF is quite muddled though, and is a perfect example of how anti-RDF religion can cloud judgment, imho.
tommorris: URIs are people too - and is a URI...
bengee: I sent a reply to the diso list a couple of minutes ago, not sure if it helps, though..
kjetilkWork: The FOAF point of the post is pretty invalid, it is much better solved by policy aware web than by separating vocabs
bblfish: In fact it is wrong. You can return different representations with foaf. see
timbl: Wrong "FOAF files make all information public and accessible by all, including the contents of the user’s address book (via foaf:knows)" In fact, you can publish many files in different communities, wit different access.
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