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last updated at 2008-01-01 13:12
sbp: This is probably what I'll release Trio (RDF API) and Arcs (Semantic Web Browser) under, unless anyone can suggest anything better!
sbp: When I wrote n3p, I was asked to release it under the W3C Software License. I think that'll play nicely with the EFL 2, though I'm not sure of course. (IANAL, TINLA!)
sbp: Anyway, I encourage all RDF and Semantic Web hackers to check out this underused gem of a license, and to please think about using it if you like it.
dajobe: since you asked, I'd encourage hackers to choose a license that already exists then IANAL/TINLA is not relevant.
sbp: The EFL already exists; it was written in 2002... :-)
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