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last updated at 2007-12-22 16:14
DriftR Linked RDF Data Browser/Editor
bengee: DriftR is part of Trice, a forthcoming SemWeb Application Framework based on ARC
bengee: A first Screencast (4 MB) is now available
jh__: MonetDB projects - MonetDB/SPARQL (ca 6 months). a complete implementation of SPARQL, the embeding of RDF into SQL, on top of the MonetDB framework
jh__: SW-Store is a recently launched project whose goal is to manage and query Semantic Web data. We are starting from a clean-slate and designing a DBMS specifically for this type of data and the prevalent Semantic Web data model, the Resource Description Framework, or RDF
drewp: that's the paper from the blog entry i posted
drewp: Column-Oriented RDF Storage
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