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last updated at 2007-12-15 21:26
DanC: "a friend of mine and his wife and son could use a change of venue after a really rough time. I'm collecting contributions toward CLE<->MCI air fare."
DanC: It's a little awkward; I don't mean to compete with The Ogbuji Family Fund, but time is short, so I hope people don't mind the redundancy
sbp: An example of how to manage namespaces, with links to further information, especially the TAG's findings on the matter.
nslater: Example purl namespace.
nslater: Example purl namespace.
sbp: Just one of the many, many accidental mischumpings due to the terrible chump UI. Whee!
sbp: But don't take our word for it, let's hear a review from another satisfied customer! <nslater> EXPLETIVE!!!
nslater: It makes the newbies easy to spot, at least.
sbp: At least these often turn out to be quite fun.
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