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last updated at 2007-12-12 22:56
deltab: Do small, scattered ontologies, interconnected via a global identifier scheme, form a global ontology after all?
sbp: Arcs is something I've been working on for a while now, a kind of Tabulator-a-like that uses more Python than Javascript in its backend. It's based on the Trio SW API that I've been working on in tandem and that various people are already putting to use.
tommorris: Looks very nice!
sbp: The space on the left is the widget space, new widgets loading into the top of the space when you open them. The menu bar on the right lets you run commands in whatever widget is selected, selected widgets having a green border to the left (click that border to select/deselect).
sbp: The widget at the bottom is the Summary View Widget that opens automatically; I loaded my FOAF file and timbl's FOAF file from the command line, so this is a view of two graphs. From the summary widget I selected foaf:Person, which opened the Node View Widget just above it.
sbp: Then I selected Aaron Swartz (notice that he's been auto-smushed with the data in mine and timbl's FOAF file), and all of the info about him came up. The a and b at the bottom is debug information, for some stuff I'm testing: when I clicked on "b" it showed which of the presented data was from Graph b, which in this case is timbl's FOAF file.
sbp: This will be useful for editing, since you generally want to edit graphs not nodes. One node can have information about it expressed in multiple graphs. Of course I plan to support editing multiple graphs at once too!
tommorris: <sbp> what happened is, I started writing this because I wanted to do RDF editing, so I thought a lot about RDF editing patterns. but then I got distracted because before you can edit you have to be able to view, so I decided to do a fairly decent job of the view
sbp: The most interesting thing about the process there was that I feel like I really understand the topology of the Semantic Web, the GGG, the G3 or whatever, a lot better now. It's easy to get distracted by triples when you're dealing with RDF low-level all the time, but in the UI both triples and RDF sort of melt away. You're left with graphs, nodes, and arcs of both directions.
tommorris: Phae and drewm are organising an event for people interested in microformats in London in early 2008.
tommorris: Do go and sign up, it'll be jolly good fun.
tommorris: If you want to come along but can't be bothered to register for the wiki, just shout when I'm about and I'll add your name to thelist
leobard: Done by Gunnar Grimnes, as usual he solves the practical problems. I searched for the Layer cake before:
kjetilkWork: Except that I don't quite like XML as covering the full length, it doesn't necessarily underpin RDF
tommorris: Perhaps timbl should have called the WWW the TTT.
tommorris: Those with more Latin than myself should contribute an article on the Semantic Web, or maybe something straightforward like reification.
leobard: is it THE currently valid semantic web layer cake?
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