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last updated at 2007-12-06 17:26
kidehen_: Linked Data Information Gathering Project
kidehen_: A prototype by timbl that enables open tracking and management of Linked Data Projects :-)
kidehen_: This is a view using the Zitgist Data Viewer
kidehen: Here is the URI of OpenLinkedDataProject (i.e. the ID of the Object in the Data Space:
kidehen: This Object is associated with the Data created via the SPARQL Inserts & Updates
kidehen: via the Data Graph expressed in the Triples
kidehen: This is the Information Resource URI that hosts the SPARQL inserted Wiki Data
kidehen: Tabulator Extention with the SPARQL Wiki feature based on SPARQL INSERT via HTTP POST
kidehen: s/Extetion/Extension
iand: Unfortunately doesn't declare things like content-type as properties
iand: Does anyone know of a schema that does?
bengee: http schema does support headers, it uses [ a http:Request ; http:header [ http:fieldName http:content-type; http:fieldValue "application/rdf+xml" ]]
kjetilkWork: dsheet's HTTP vocab used in Tabulator uses properties for each header, doesn't it?
sbp: Yeah, see http and httph.
iand: Tabulator uses httph and concatenates the lowercase form of the http header onto the ontology URI
danja: "By specifying a GRDDL transformation, the author of a document states that the transformation will provide a faithful rendition in RDF of information (or some portion of the information) expressed through the XML dialect used in the source document."
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