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last updated at 2007-12-05 19:58
kidehen: Enterprise Linked Data Demo via Zitgist Linked Data Viewer (nee. Browser)
kidehen: of the dereferencable variety thanks to HTTP
kidehen: as in Data Objects across many Data Spaces via dereferencable Object/Entity IDs (aka Data Web URIs)
kidehen: Drill down for Orders of Customer and Employees associated with orders for full effect
sbp: Being such as is the weblog of Andrew Walkingshaw.
sbp: Andrew Walkingshaw being, in turn, such as is the newest member of the SWIG community. Welcome, Andrew!
hendler: spread the word
sbp: iter('_:p <> "%s" .' % i for i in xrange(1000000000))
hendler: the trick is we get to define the triples -- sorry sbp...
sbp: Blast.
danja: for local semweb meetups
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