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last updated at 2007-11-14 23:41
kidehen: Interesting fusion of XMPP and SPARQL
tommorris: Installation and 'hello world' examples for Redland in Ruby
tommorris: Would love it if someone who knows about Rails could get Redland on Ruby on Rails. :)
dajobe: Both features at risk (the REDUCED query modifier and allowing leading digits in the local part of prefixed names) from the 14 June 2007 Candidate Recommendation publication are retained in this Proposed Recommendation.
dajobe: I guess I have to figure out what the heck REDUCED means, now
dajobe: looks like it means DISTINCTish
timbl: (You (server) can remove some or all duplicates if you like, for example those which occur together in the output stream to save time, but you don't have to)
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