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last updated at 2007-11-12 19:43
bblfish: 15000 fresh minds to be converted at JavaOne
timbl: |Levels of Abstraction: Net, Web, Graph
sbp: One thing this omits is that ENQUIRE was about things... the web was a just a necessary step in implementing ENQUIRE, aka The Semantic Web, properly... :-)
sbp: Via edsu. Flickr is trying to do RDF... almost. Kinda.
danja: (more or less) as used by Review vocab
sbp: See also Vapour, for validating stuff using the recipies in this spec.
sbp: "You can also get an RDF version of this report." says Vapour, but it's linked to - oh well.
danja: GRDDL-enabled for hReview
danja: sample hReview works ok with triplr, but breaks W3C service
danja: (work-in-progress!)
danja: suggestions welcome (especially how to make a nice diagram :-)
timbl: deosn't seem to give the RDF in Tabulator
timbl: Currently --302-> --303-> even when asking for RDF
timbl: =Shema is in fact at
sbp: Vapour passes it (the SWBP blah blah validator)
danja: try wget --header=Accept:application/rdf+xml
timbl: Should not use 303 for the document, should use 302. Why does it have two redirects at all? Maybe for conneg. But if the HTML and RDF are equivalent, it can use regular cnneg.
danja: Bari, Italy, 18th to 20th December, 2007
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