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last updated at 2007-09-02 22:03
timbl_: TAG issue: siteData-36: Web site metadata improving on robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon etc.
timbl_: See HTTP Header Linking M. Nottingham, June 16, 2006
danbri: (disclaimer - i've been working for joost on this stuff)
danbri: See also widgets overview paper
kidehen: Nice post from fgiasson re. RDF exploitation when hyperlinking
kidehen: Demonstrates what I call <a>++ (enhanced anchor tag that exploits self-describing nature of RDF URIs)
kidehen: an aspect of all my Linked Data Demos (i.e. Dynamic Linked Data Pages) that is often overlooked :-)
kidehen: This Wordpress demo should make the unobtrusive injection route for the Semantic Data Web much clearer, I hope !
kidehen: ditto all the open social-graph commentary etc.. The Web is the Graph, we just need to use it :-)
kidehen: spotted by Mike Bergman
kidehen: very very interesting implications :-)
kidehen: RDF and the core of a programming language (high and low levels).
kidehen: In a sense, the Objective-C / SmallTalk for the Semantic Data Web
kidehen: I read on :-)
kidehen: short cut to spec on Neno
timbl_: Parser test matrix
timbl_: See Makefile
timbl_: "The grammar of N3 is defined by a context free grammar linked below.
timbl_: MFen, see also for an automatically generated parser from the grammar.
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