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last updated at 2007-08-07 22:56
bblfish: "Support for re-using OpenID identifiers has become a goal for the OpenID authentication 2.0 specification. Several different mechanisms for accomplishing this goal have been proposed. In order to make a decision on how best to support identifier recycling, this page contains use cases related to identifier recycling, as well as descriptions of the proposed solutions." uhoh
bblfish_: Web Of Trust Ontology
bblfish_: who is responsible for this? Looks good but there is a bug in that the example where the wot namespace is not defined. Also there is not rdf/xml or n3 representation
bblfish: wot is it seems anonymous. the RDF file is at but the .htaccess file does not correctly redirect
bblfish: oops. Schemaweb seems to know that it is danbri who is responsible for it. How did schemaweb find out?
bengee: that's easy: CONSTRUCT {?spec dc:creator "danbri"} WHERE {?spec schema:connegStatus "broken after server move" . FILTER regex(?spec, "xmlns\.com")}
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