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last updated at 2007-01-03 17:05
timbl_: LDIF to RDF (n3) converter (python)
timbl_: Quick hack
timbl_: Will generate FOAF from LDIF exported from thunderbird address book
karlUshi: "Rhizome is a Wiki-like content management and delivery system that exposes the entire site -- content, structure, and metadata as editable RDF. "
DanC: this seems familiar... I can't remember why I didn't dive deeper when I first saw it; maybe just no time...
DanC: "Rhizome was written with two goals in mind ... Two, a personal tool to allow me to take notes in a wide variety of contexts -- plain text files, blog entries, comments in source code, ... etc -- and keep an archive that keeps track of locations and can automatically (based on metadata rules) republish the content in a variety of formats: e.g. ... as a collection of interlinked pages on a Wiki-like website." That's a goal I share.
DanC: ah... requires 4suite, which I only recently got my head around.
DanC: interesting. I'm in annual "there's gotta be a better way to organize my info" mode. And I'm a gnome user, though I require cross-platform access to my data.
DanC: hmm... my personal wiki experience leads me to conclude that "personal wiki" is an oxymoron. Wikis are all about collaboration.
sr: you can also call it note-taking for the desktop
DanC: I wonder what it would cost to sync this with my PDA. I'm considering syncing my PDA with google calendar etc., since my PDA has XMLRPC access and google has GData
DanC: Debian apt repository. Nice. Please add a public key fingerprint.
DanC: browseable source (via SVN). nice. hmm... ruby.
DanC: "Mitchell Baker from Mozilla calls this "data-browsing" in another post." sounds like the tabulator. and GRDDL.
karlUshi: Subject Index of Images Online of British Library
karlUshi: There is a search engine as well
timbl: in RDF?
sbp: Bwahahahaha.
karlUshi: "This specification defines the semantics of MicroID, a lightweight identity technology that enables the creation of a portable identity token from any two Uniform Resource Identifiers."
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