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last updated at 2006-11-19 23:39
dajobe: and Language bindings
dajobe: 6 months of stuff
dajobe: now my blog entry is correct - 15 releases in 12 months
danja_: (warning - loud Flash)
danja: pointing from RDF doc to the HTML from which it was derived, and back again
danja: original XHTML => XSLT
danja: only a first pass, pretty crude - mostly simple DC, project bits have a chunk of DOAP
danja: Tabulator didn't seem to like the live-xslt version, but this static copy works
danja: now if only I could remember where I put that last pile of semweb tool DOAP
danja: (no peanut butter was used in the making of this stylesheet)
timbl: Couldn't test on tabulator, got 500 server error.
timbl: The live link returns text/html at the moment, which is why it won't work in tabulator
danja: fixed (XSLT servlet has a field for content type)
timbl: danja, seems to me that your stylesheet in A is an excellent candidate for a GRDDL transform for dajobe's HTML page.
danja_: found it! 250 Semantic Web Tools, XSLT, in RDF
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