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last updated at 2006-11-11 21:04
LeeF: A bit of not-very-technical discussion of "Web 3.0" / semantic Web trends
timbl: = "Web 2.0, which describes the ability to seamlessly connect applications (like geographic mapping) and services (like photo-sharing) over the Internet, has in recent months become the focus of dot-com-style hype in Silicon Valley. But commercial interest in Web 3.0 — or the “semantic Web,” for the idea of adding meaning — is only now emerging."
timbl: "But in a lecture given at Google earlier this year, [Doug] Lenat said, Cyc is now learning by mining the World Wide Web — a process that is part of how Web 3.0 is being built. During his talk, he implied that Cyc is now capable of answering a sophisticated natural-language query like: “Which American city would be most vulnerable to an anthrax attack during summer?”
timbl: = "There is debate over whether systems like Cyc will be the driving force behind Web 3.0 or whether intelligence will emerge in a more organic fashion, from technologies that systematically extract meaning from the existing Web. Those in the latter camp say they see early examples in services like and Flickr, the bookmarking and photo-sharing systems acquired by Yahoo, and Digg, a news service that relies
DanC_: Y. Gil, J. Kim, V. Ratnakar, E. Deelman. Wings for Pegasus: A Semantic Approach for Creating Very Large Scientific Workflows
DanC_: Yolanda Gil
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