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last updated at 2006-11-10 20:34
Ongoing and Future [OWL] Standarization Efforts
DanC_: at OWL-ED 2006
DanC_: "OWL 1.1 does not have an RDF-style semantics"
danja: does that mean it's incompatible with the layers of the cake below it?
DanC_: proposed charter
Adapt OWL as a Modular Ontology Language
DanC_: interesting work on owl:imports and ontology module boundaries; bummer I missed part of it
Linking Data to Ontologies: The Description Logic DL-Lite_A
DanC_: at OWL-ED 2006
DanC_: interesting bound: bounded by what you can delegate to a SQL DB
danja_: Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives - 3rd Italian Semantic Web Workshop
danja_: 18-20 December, 2006
discussion of human-friendly owl syntax
DanC_lap: (Tom? stanford guy) says the English format spit out by SWOOP is very valuable
DanC_lap: ... for checking that the machine understood what you meant
DanC_lap: folks discuss visual models. Elisa points out OMG has adopted an OWL mapping
DanC_lap: I noted the "view source" effect
calo presentation at OWL-ED
DanC_lap: touches on best practices for units of measure
DanC_lap: presentation uses XML syntax of RDF/OWL, which is too hard to read in real time
DanC_lap: points out that there's no "number" class in XSD above decimal/double/float
DanC_lap: I wonder if he reported that problem against XSD; I wonder if the folks in this community know about comments lists; I wonder if I should give a quick W3C process overview here.
Ported GRDDL test harness (and accompanying 4Suite/RDFLib client)
chimezie: Ported test harness
chimezie: The client it works with
iand: My notes on a presentation given by the CEO of MySQL at the Web 2.0 Summit
iand: Describes a vision for an interconnected web of data without mentioning the semantic web
iand: Some other views -
iand: and
danja: and another
danja_: someone's notes from the talk
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