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last updated at 2006-10-29 17:50
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sbp: TimBL describes a new, evolutionary future of HTML, with a hand up admission of issues over the accountability of the present HTML WG, and a roadmap describing two new groups: incrementally evolving HTML, and continuing work on XHTML 2.0. Damn good stuff.
sbp: Implies but doesn't specifically mention what will happen to the current HTML WG, nor what the balance of redistribution of its resources would be between the two new HTML and XHTML 2.0 working groups.
sbp: Lots of possible issues and so forth. Some that spring to mind: does evolutionary development mean a Doctype-a-Day? Will this mean, eventually, new improved facilities for RDF/Metadata in HTML? Will the enormous Errata for HTML 4.01 be folded in first? Will this end up in HTML and XHTML actually forking different ways, with two separate groups working on them?
sbp: The lack of focus on the validator is another crack that may develop into an issue: "The validator and other subjects cropped up too, but let's focus on HTML now." Given the popularity of test-based development outside and inside the W3C (cough SWAP tools cough), I'm not sure that a philosophy to the contrary in this context is tenable.
sbp: On the other hand, the article later on does mention the future of the validator and is very positive about that, mentioning its current value, how to augment that, and also noting that there's some new hardware goodies available for it. Again, though, it may be that the coordination between specification and tests will need strengthening.
danja: Sam Ruby spotted a markup error on timbl's blog
danja: some good comments, e.g. Phil Ringnalda : "Seems to me like a fine example of how, if you want to render error-filled things, you have to specify error recovery, in all its trillions of possible permutations."
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