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last updated at 2006-10-25 16:35
DanC: the TAG is adopting a closely related issue, tagSoupIntegration
DanC: very nice explanation. nice style even.
DanC: they note GRDDL as a TODO. I sure look forward to that. I think SPARQL+GRDDL+follow-your-nose is going to be very powerful. (maybe with tidy mixed in)
timbl: "Technically, the library represents the Semantic Web as a single Jena RDF graph or Jena Model." very nice
timbl: =Implements the client side of Linked Data
timbl: =D2R Server already implements the server side for arbitrary RDMS data.
ronwalf: I wonder if has come through yet
karlUshi: data formats ASCII, ArcInfo, BIL.
karlUshi: Example for USA
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