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last updated at 2006-09-29 14:34
danja: all in one HTML page, should work wherever there's a textarea and an endpoint...
danja: (currently set up to call the validator)
danja: notes -
LeeF: Frequently asked general and technical questions about the SPARQL protocol and RDF query language
LeeF: Initial version. Will be evolving as time marches onwards.
CaptSolo: This article outlines the mapping of ODS data to the SIOC ontology for the purpose of constructing SPARQL Queries against ODS Data.
danja: David Weinberger:
danja: "For my book, I'm looking for some quick examples of the successful application of the Semantic Web. The ideal case would involve large commercial or governmental agencies using a large ontology to address a large problem with quantifiable results, but I'm open to less than ideal examples as well because it is an imperfect world."
karlUshi: "Semantic indexing is our name for a family of techniques for searching and organizing large data collections. The goal of semantic indexing is to find patterns in unstructured data (documents without descriptors such as keywords or special tags) and use those patterns to offer more effective search and categorization services."
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