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last updated at 2006-09-12 23:10
chimezie: "We present and evaluate several algorithms for extracting relevant segments out of large description logic ontologies for the purposes of increasing tractability for both humans and computers."
chimezie: The algorithm seems sound and is generally applicable to many other upper ontologies with similar size-issues (CyC,Sumo,DOLCE,etc..)
libby: handy report by DanC (mostly :-)
libby: mostly by danc, not mostly handy, I mean
chimezie: "A translation of the full Galen ontology (from the OpenGALEN project) into the OWL description logic."
chimezie: Probably the most comprehensive, expressive, open-source clinical ontology. Now available in OWL.
karlUshi: visualize graphs with python
karlUshi: "SIOC is an Ontology for RDF data since it describes the Concepts and Terms for a a network mesh of online communities. "
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