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last updated at 2006-09-01 20:45
danja: "The idea is that you will be labeling images along with a random partner, in real-time. When you both find the same keywords, you score points and advance to the next round"
danja: i.e. who needs intelligent computers when you can harness* human brain power
danja: (* like a donkey, only cheaper)
danja: (sorry, can't help thinking about the battery chargers in The Matrix)
timbl: See also earlier Peekaboom game from Luis von Ahn
timbl: hmmmm. he gave a talk at Google on July 27
chimezie_: Uses GRAIL syntax - stable and could possibly be exported to other DL languages (such as OWL)
chimezie_: Technical overview
chimezie_: Partitions it's categories into two spaces: Grammatical and Sensible. Could map these to SKOS (narrower/broader) and OWL/RDFS (rdfs:subClass) respectively
danja: "Web 2.0 is just Web 1.0 with pastel colours and a style sheet"
kjetilk: how about the rounded corners?
danja: (what Voidstar said Smart Mobs said The Register said that Sir TBL said)
danja: The Register's piece is also top item at
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