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last updated at 2006-07-10 19:34
chimezie: Outlines how the RETE algorithm and it's datastructures (which are based on n-ary predicates) can be mapped to RDF/N3 models
chimezie: As a basis for retrofiting RETE algorithm verbatim to N3 assersions (in a KB) and patterns (expressed via {} => {})
chimezie: An earlier thread discusses the specifics of how the step-b-step mechanics of the algorithm are mapped to RDF/N3
chimezie: The blog author seems to think the idea of using RDF as the representation format for an expert system is flawed...
NachoMan: Mozilla's RDF XPCOM API reference
NachoMan: Example XRTL ruleset templates, for use with the current XRTL spec
bblfish: Why the Atom protocol won't deliver
bblfish: Is there anyone working on a general RESTful protocol that will work nicely with RDF?
chimezie: Somewhat related
chimezie: It includes well documented axiomatic semantics of OWL/RDFS as FOL - I wonder if this predates owl-rules.n3/rdfs-rules.n3 ?
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