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last updated at 2006-06-02 16:22
danja: note in particular iand's WAIF
danja: his doc contains the line (talking about WSDL) "a new vocabulary of endpoints, interfaces, bindings etc have to be mapped onto the existing web terminology of URIs, resources and representations"
danja: - isn't every http resource an endpoint?
ldodds: By Kendall Clark. Early drafts of SPARQL endpoint doc. De-scoped from DAWG work
ldodds: describes endpoints, result formats, etc. Think it might also need terms to describe protocol extensions also (e.g. XSLT post-processing, query by ref)
ldodds: "This page collects ideas and proposals for describing SPARQL endpoints. There are a growing number of SPARQL endpoints and tools that access their data. Endpoint descriptions can be used to announce endpoint capabilities and contents, support discovery through service directories, supply browsing and federation hints."
chimezie: "In this paper we address systematically the formal study of SPARQL, concentrating in its graph pattern facility. We consider for this study a fragment without literals and a simple version of filters which encompasses all the main issues yet is simple to formalize."
chimezie: Spotted from public-rdf-dawg comment: 'Our core suggestion is the need of a formal syntax and semantics for the language..'
chimezie: Their insights on normalizing graph patterns are very useful for preprocessing / optimization and will be very helpful in overcomming limitations in resolvers (by reordering in a manner that preserves the semantics, for instance). And the suggestions address some difficulties I've had in determining graph pattern equivalence with only the grammar to work with.
chimezie: Section 2.3 (on a simple, normal - 'UNION-free' - form for graph patterns) is an excellent basis for formal SPARQL semantics
pjenvey: It's Our Net coaltion to preserve Net Neutrality
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