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last updated at 2006-05-18 14:33
libby: I knoew swoogle was cool, but not how cool it was. e.g. you can find the most common ranges and domains associated with it - you could make an editr that used that sort of stuff. lots there...
libby: 1.4 million docs having looked at 3.6 possible docs. 1m of these 1.4m are valid (i.e. not html with rdf in them or are invalid and whatnot). 300 million triples; metadata about the triples; cached some of the documents but not storing all the triples in one triples store.
libby: stats
libby: estimates of the number of rdf docs (form google): 5m > 200m
dajobe: although SPASQL is worst. name. ever.
DanC: typo on the Patterns slide (#6): <foaf:knows> should be foaf:knows etc.
libby: paper at xtech.
ldodds: slides are here
Kriegel: an ontology that defines the "universe"
Kriegel: back in the days of mobile agnets and agentweb
Kriegel: just before semantic web
Kriegel: KQML or the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language is a language and protocol for exchanging information and knowledge.
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