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last updated at 2006-05-07 11:42
danbri: ""
danbri: "This JEP specifies how to represent and manage profile data about IM users and other XMPP entities."
danbri: The data forms syntax (see spec, "'a flexible format for use by Jabber/XMPP entities, steering a middle course between the simplicity of "name-value" pairs and the complexity of XForms 1.0 ") reminds me very much of SPARQL result set structures.
danbri: Peter Saint-Andre looked into using RDF, but wasn't convinced, so they're jabber data forms, which seems to be a generic data notation.
danbri: See their example of a Jabber profile in this syntax (all field names and values). Is the similarity to SPARQL XML results format purely a surface thing, or could this be reconceptualised as SPARQL query responses?
danbri: I see other things in the Jabber spec, eg. updates, so things might not be so simple. But I'd love to see someone GRDDL this into RDF and compose the appropriate SPARQL query/response pair.
danbri: OK I started this, uploaded an RDF version: rdf. I don't have a working query yet
logger: See discussion
danbri: Folk concerned about easy parsability of this format might want to check out the JSON encoding of results (it's in the form on the librdf query demo page; enter the data URL and the SPARQL to try this).
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