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last updated at 2005-11-09 23:43
karlcow: FAQ explaining interactions between Microformats and RDF. Great resource from Danny Ayers. Danny++
karlcow: I wonder if it would be a good idea, maybe stupid, to have a xml-grddl or xml-data PI to call a GRDDL transformation
DanC: why a PI? the grddl attributes work fine, no?
DanC: note The use of XML processing instructions in this specification should not be taken as a precedent. The W3C does not anticipate recommending the use of processing instructions in any future specification.
karlcow: as I said not necessary a good idea, just was wondering on the implementation side what was easier, but you might be right.
trying out pellet on a Debian box
DanC: grabbed (Nov 1, 2005) from pellet download area
DanC: 16M!
DanC: includes lots of .jar fiels: jena, stax, relaxngDatatype
ldodds: half of that is Jena. 2.3 is about 8M
DanC: smoke test: $ java -jar lib/pellet.jar -inputFile
DanC: gives: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mindswap.pellet.KnowledgeBase.addPropertyValue
DanC: I seem to be using sun-j2re1.5, constructed as per an article about java on debian
logger: See discussion
DanC: Pellet 1.3-beta2 released 1 Nov
DanC: sent problem report
DanC: trying (Sep 21, 2005)
DanC: ah... seems to work
CaptSolo_: "A Template-based Markup Tool for Semantic Web Content." - by Brian Kettler, James Starz, William Miller, and Peter Haglich. 2005.
Cloud: Presentation by David Huynh
SirReality: test your XPath expressions in this ajax app
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