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last updated at 2005-10-14 15:34
DanC: afs to DAWG, following up on Comments on SPARQL from the XML Query and the XSL WGs
DanC: it's a double in turtle, N3, and SPARQL-last-call, but since it's a decimal in XPath 2, they're asking us to switch
dajobe: my preference is that as xsd:doubles are more commonly used (typed) and should be the default. nobody wants to do 3.4e0 lots. bignums are rare in data
timbl: In favour of decimal: That the coersion from decimal to float is safe, unlike the other way. That it is a pain when typically currency values are calculated as floats and end up as long approximate float values.
timbl: Decimal support in python
AndyS: Details of XSD decimal
logger: See discussion
DanC: asking ashok about the change from XPath 1 to XPath 2
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