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last updated at 2005-07-01 19:07
erim: by Andrew Updegrove at
SWOOP install notes
DanC: started with
DanC: hmm... Installing Sun's Java environment on Debian systems
DanC: gold star. SWOOP installs in 20 minutes on a debian box, including the time it takes to install java
DanC: hmm... can't copy/paste from the "About" box, nor follow links.
DanC: some more visible "Getting started" clues would be nice. As I noted in an advogato post Mar 2004, one of the coolest open source marketing tricks I saw was an app that had a reasonably interesting demo under the "about" menu
dajobe: next qnames, to match nearer sparql
CLoCkWeRX: They are looking for feedback from developers on this, perhaps worth a look at
CLoCkWeRX: Providing information on all sorts of government tidbits, from Districts and Towns by Postcode, Gov. Depts, Staff, Senators, etc
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