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last updated at 2005-02-02 16:42
CloCkWeRX: It looks as though EAN-International and the UCC have merged into one global body
CloCkWeRX: The EAN-Int was the European agency for EAN related barcodes, while the UCC maintained the US UPC barcode system
CloCkWeRX: They are still working out the details, but version three of their distributed supply chain metadata system (GEPIR) is in the works
CloCkWeRX: See also:
CloCkWeRX: GEPIR has an emphasis on publically available information via web services... so now with the merging into one 'global' barcoding system, I can finally annotate the contents of my fridge with some reliability :)
CloCkWeRX: Yay
dajobe: with pointers to Racer, FaCT and Pellet
dajobe: that's programming languages, not writing plays or screenplays
dajobe: looks like there's a large #swig, #foaf overlap here
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