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last updated at 2005-01-17 12:29
CloCkWeRX: Coming soon to a media player near you
CloCkWeRX: Subproject of a few MusicBrainz developers afaik, to describe playlists in an open and extensible way
CloCkWeRX: If we wait long enough, they promise to have an RDF version out any year now
libby: perhaps just a few tweaks would do the trick to make it RDF (removed 'version', added RDF tags, parseType=collection, couple of capitalizations)
danbri: Yep, an RDF flavour would be welcome. I'm somewhat involved, but the design took a non-RDF route early on, and I've not had the time to do a mapping.
danbri: There are also some efforts (leigh, others...) to improve the MusicBrainz RDF, or at least document the schema/ontology better. I'd guess an RSS1-ish structure using MB vocab might be a good target, rather than a plain 1:1 mapping of XSPF into RDF triples.
CloCkWeRX: Useful to encourage non RDF-ers contribute to the project
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