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last updated at 2005-01-05 17:28
jhendler: student project by Naiwen Lin of Mind Lab
jhendler: threw a front end on Google API so it queries for your search term against RDF/RDFS/OWL files
jhendler: takes the returns through Pellet
jhendler: which (for RDFS/OWL files) can display tree hierarchy, some diagnostics, etc.
jhendler: the bizarre part, it seems to be pretty effective - still plenty of stuff out there that breaks it
jhendler: but Google restricted to RDF and OWL still finds amazing amounts of stuff
jhendler: (which validatesa prediction made a couple of years back, but that's another story)
dajobe: warning - a mozilla XPI, may try to install if you are running a mozilla
jsled: A [pre-firefox-1.0] extension to install `hdl:` and `doi:` protocol handlers in mozilla.
jsled: Nice and small example of how to add arbitrary protocol handlers.
jsled: Well, small anyways. :/
DanC: wikimarked under UriSchemes/tel
bblfish: not really exactly rdf, but as close as one can get. The same way RSS1.0 nearly is RDF.
DanC: seems to me the relationship of RSS 1.0 to RDF is quite different from Atom to RDF. documents that conform to RSS 1.0 conform to the RDF specs in every way, as they are. Atom syntax is not (yet? ;-) that way
DanC: nice to see The Role of RSS in Science Publishing generating lots of discussion, meanwhile
DanC: hmm... atom-owl ... new to me. where did it come from?
DanC: hmm... Cc:
PhUrl: A very nice article about the semantic web, with references to libby and swad
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