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last updated at 2005-01-01 14:10
PhUrl: Could be an application for the semantic web to give weight attribute for each uri
JibberJim: Attaching a spam semantic to uri
JibberJim: When trying to download it IE6 on Windows XP2 says "The file was restricted because the content doesn't match its security information"...
JibberJim: An window Installer file sent with mime-type text/plain, great work once again from a security company!
PhUrl: if the semantic web will not be able to help identify and communicate the semantics of spam, then what semantics will be communicated?
PhUrl: That makes me also wonder if the semantic web will allow me to find a real "free" p0rn site? :) I mean p0rn is one of the few money makers on the web, thus will have to be well supported by the semantic web for it to be accepted.
PhUrl: This is all predicated in the root question of credibility
PhUrl: see also Web Credibility Project
PhUrl: see also Bayesian Nets, Latent Semantics, Despamming and other speculations
PhUrl: see also Hp's Introduction to Semantic Web Technologies : Proof, trust and security
PhUrl: see also Trust on the Semantic Web from Russell Cloran, Barry Irwin
PhUrl: see also Advogato's Trust metric referenced wrongly from above link
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